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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bollywood Brands!

Bollywood stars are increasingly becoming a part of the new global trend of bringing out their own fashion collections and products. Endorsements are so last decade…this is the time for Bollywoood brands!

Hrithik and John Abraham are already on their way to launching their signature fashion collections.

However, a few aging bollywood stars seem to be going too far in their attempt to cash in on their past glory....

For example, Govinda has paired up with Calvin Klein for a spin on the classic CK One! It supposedly has all the basic elements of the Calvin Klein brand: individuality, unity and sexuality, mixed with the smell of a sweaty coolie, pretending to be the son of the richest man in India!!

Forget Snakes on a Plane (not sure why anyone would want to remember it anyway).....Sridevi's has decided to launch Nagina Fashions, her 'designer' snake themed jewellery line named after her 1986 hit "Nagina"...

At least Mr. India (a.ka. Anil Kapoor) is playing to his strength and has decided to package the essence of his well endowed coat and give us his branded hair-growth product- -can also be used as a body buffer for the especially skinny (currently only available online at Amazon.com-no pun intended!)

*Check out the Before/After results above

However, the biggest surprise has been the great Mithun(da) Chakraborty's Billion dollar tie-up with Puma to develop the "Disco Dancer" Puma platforms. Look out for this killer pair to hit the hippest nightclubs this spring!!

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Sheena said...

This is really funny!! How do you come up with this crazy stuff?? I love the disco puma's!!