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Friday, March 02, 2007

Hrithik 'GlamHo' Roshan!!

Hrithik Roshan has supposedly been offered a part in Rambo IV and has decided to revive the franchise by putting a Bollywood spin on the project! No Guns, More Glam, as Roshan upstages the original man with the bandana!!!

The film was originally called 'In the Serpent's Eye' and then 'Rambo IV: Pearl of The Cobra'. However, Roshan decided to step in with his production company (11 fingers) to gloss up the project.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Rambo (Stallone) is living a boring lifestyle in Bangkok as a pimp, When a group of volunteers bringing ummmm...'Ho's' into India disappears. A relative of one of the missing girls (Hrithik Roshan) begs Rambo to find them. They head off determined to rescue those that have been taken...Song, dance and drama ensues!

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May I have your attention please? Will the Real Hrithik please stand up!


Daddy's Girl said...

You're hilarious - I'm bent over with laughter here. The plot line revolves around the exportation of 'hos'? Produced by Hrithik's '11 fingers' production outfit? I'd pay good money to see that flick. I love the picture of Hrithik, by the way.

farhan said...

i would pay to watch this!!