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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Bollywood shiz nizz # 1: (Random news bits)

1. Salman Khan and Govinda to star in the Bollywood remake of "Hitch" called "Partner"

....getting Govinda hitched might be as easy as telling the fat ass to drop 50 pounds (much like what Will Smith should have told Kevin James), do we need to see another movie on this lame ass script?

2. Bollywood's vulgar-est couple returns, Karishma Kapoor to make a comeback with Govinda

....geez, Govinda and Karishma again! - I am not sure who watched their crap 10 years ago and I am not sure who's gonna wanna watch it now...LOSERS 2.0!

3. "Kareena is better than Britney Spears" says Tusshar Kapoor.

Is that a compliment or an insult?
....Tushar either you are a complete jackass, or just retardedly unaware!

4. "I thank god for allowing me to look like this" - says Esha Deol.

...Esha, yes, thank god for allowing you to look like.... she-MALE!

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paula said...

PSZD, you're way honest! that's why your blog kicks butt!

Liz said...

Esha Deol is so ugly! and who the hell wants to see fat boy Govinda!

Anonymous said...

who is Tushar Kapoor..and who cares what he thinks?

Cow Tse Tung said...

mein to raste pe jaa raha tha
mein to bhel poori kha raha tha

karishma and govinda are being my fawrit stars. all us front stall moviewatchers love chi chi ji and karishma babby

Daddy's Girl said...

You are just so wrong! And I love it! Great post.

Alan said...

Never understood Govinda's appeal, but I'd be happy to see Karisma make a comeback.