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Friday, March 23, 2007

Rekha ko Dekha?

Bollywood has long been fascinated with Rekha and her ageless beauty, is it because....

she doesn't underestimate the need for birds to find shelter? by providing them with a comforting nest to lay eggs (on her head!)???

or cause she's taken Tae Kwon Do to a new level by amalgamating unarmed combat styles with 4 inch heels and gold rimmed sunglasses?

or maybe cause this lady REALLY knows how to accessorize and will not settle for anything less than an entire gold mine worth of jewels?

Honestly, if you asked us, we think it's because she'd make a extremely fierce fisherman!

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VICK said...


Anonymous said...

this such a great post. you guys are true geniuses and doing this kinda stuff..STILL LAUGHING HERE!

Daddy's Girl said...

OMG... those pictures are insane.